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From Marco Spinetti <m.spine...@pisa.iol.it>
Subject 2 questions about apr_poll
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 08:29:20 GMT
Hi all,

I developed a library which let you connect to N sources, writes a 
request and reads the responce, using apr_poll.

I have 2 questions about 2 problems I'm trying to solve.

The first is a design question: in my method I open N sockets, set the 
option APR_SO_NONBLOCK and timeout X (otherwise connect fails), connect 
them, write the request, create a pollset with the flag APR_POLLIN for 
each entry and then I call apr_pollset_poll.

In your opinion is it ok, or I should set the flag APR_POLLIN | 
APR_POLLOUT for each entry and then write or read when apr_pollset_poll 

The second question is about apr_pollset_poll timeout.

I set the option APR_SO_NONBLOCK (I want no blocking IO): in this way 
apr_pollset_poll returns when only a part of the output from socket Y is 
ready. So I'm inside a while and I call apr_pollset_poll untill all the 
output of all sockets is ready or timeut expires.

Is the timeout of apr_pollset_poll  global, or each time I call 
apr_pollset_poll it starts again?

If it starts each time, how can I make it global with APR_SO_NONBLOCK 




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