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From Scott Lamb <sl...@slamb.org>
Subject Compile-time vs. run-time checks
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 19:33:31 GMT
I'm putting together a patch to use SO_(RCV|SND)TIMEO for 
apr_socket_timeout where available; I expect I'll find it has better 
performance on some platforms, as it would no longer require using 
non-blocking IO and preceding every read() and write() with a select(). 
(I intend to try benchmarking Apache on Darwin, where the system call 
overhead seems to be quite high.)

On some older versions of platforms (Linux 2.2), these #defines exist 
but do not work - it's not possible to set them. Can I assume that if 
APR is built with a kernel in which it does work (Linux 2.4), it will 
be run with one as well? Or should I include a runtime check for this 

Scott Lamb

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