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From "Mathihalli, Madhusudan" <mad...@hp.com>
Subject RE: getaddrinfo() on HP-UX 11i
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 17:15:57 GMT
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jeff Trawick [mailto:trawick@attglobal.net]

>I don't have /etc/nsswitch.conf at all.
>If I create /etc/nsswitch.conf with "ipnodes: 
>dns[NOTFOUND=continue] files" as 
>the only line, it doesn't change anything; I can still find 
>names in /etc/hosts 
>  and still can't find names not in /etc/hosts.

Well, here's some more info. - let me know if it helps:

getaddrinfo() API does not come in the base HPUX 11i. It comes as part
of IPv6 patch for 11i. So if base HPUX 11i is present, then threre is no
question of functionality broken as getaddrinfo is itself not available.  
Compilation itself fails here. If IPv6 patch is installed, then
getaddrinfo() works fine as acknowledged in the FAQ.

getaddrinfo support for libc was added as part of IPv6 patch in HPUX 11i.
But the situation may arise that libc patch with getaddrinfo support is
installed but other IPv6 related patches are not installed. In this case
both the libnss_dns patch and libnss_files patch with getaddrinfo support
should be installed. Otherwise getaddrinfo may appear to be broken. This
is because libc uses libnss_dns and libnss_files for name resolution using
dns and files respectively.

libc patch with IPv6 support - PHCO_24400 
libc headerfile patch with IPv6 support - PHCO_24402 
libnss_files patch with IPv6 support - PHCO_24401 
libnss_dns patch with IPv6 support - PHNE_24129
All these patches or their superseding patches should be installed for
getaddrinfo to work on 11i.

The most common error that users make is not specifying properly the
ipnodes directives in /etc/nsswitch.conf and assuming that giving the
hosts directive should also work for getaddrinfo.


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