I am relatively new to the apr. I would like to the know the following.
1) Is it possible to set the default memory allocation for a sub pool or a pool? I looked at the code and I noticed that the minimum size is 8k. This seems quite large.
psuedo code:
   apr_pool_create(&sub_pool, pool);
    // Is the real memory for the sub_pool initialially being allocated 8k, or does it use the
    // real memory that is allocated in the parent 'pool'? Does it only request memory from
    // the system if the parent pool requires it.
2) Is it possible to set the thread priority for apr threads in Windows and Unix.
psuedo code:
               if ((stat = apr_thread_create(&new_thead, NULL, start_function, dummy, pool)) != APR_SUCCESS)
                  return stat;
              // set the thread priority for new_thead