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From Vicent <vseg...@picvisa.com>
Subject Trying to use APR in MINGW
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2004 11:37:30 GMT
Hello, I'm trying hard to use APR binary compiled dor VC++ from a MINGW project.
So far I have two problems: 

a) If I follow the standard instructions that come from MINGW, I compile
perfectly, but I can't link. The Instructions I follow are the following

$ pexports.exe libapr.dll | sed "s/^_//" > libapr.def
$ dlltool -U -k --input-def libapr.def --dllname libapr.dll -l libapr.a

Then I compile using -l libapr.a, But MINGW still complains about inexisting
references at link time. 

However, if I further process the def file, like this:

$ pexports.exe libapr.dll | sed "s/^_//" | sed "s/\\@[0-9][0-9]//" | sed
"s/\\@[0-9]//"> libapr.def # removes ending @'s

$ dlltool -U -k --input-def libapr.def --dllname libapr.dll -l libapr.a

I link perfectly, but fail miserably at runtime with message about not finding
apr_app_initialize in libapr.dll. If I ommit the "-U" in dlltool, then it still
bails out with the same message but a prepending underscore: cannot find
_apr_app_initialize in libapr.dll.

I'm extremely puzzled at this, and without any clue of how to continue. Any help
will be greatly appreciated.

V. SeguĂ­

p.d.: I'm extremely new to MINGW and APR on WIN32, sorry if this has already
been sorted out, but I can't seem to find any reference on this.

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