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From "Somasundaram, Karthik (ISS Mountain View)" <ksomasunda...@iss.net>
Subject RE: apr rmm
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 19:36:33 GMT


Thanks for the pointer, I am able to use rmm to store a link list in the shared memory in
process A, but I am not clear on how I can access it on process B. In process B I can attach
(apr_rmm_attach) but after that I am not sure how to get to my data. Am I missing something

This is what I do in process A:
n =  (Node*)apr_rmm_addr_get(rmm, apr_rmm_calloc(rmm, sizeof(Node)));
Add these nodes to my list. 

This is what I do in process B:
apr_shm_attach() --> call succeeds
apr_rmm_attach() --> call succeeds

then how do I get to my nodes??


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From: Matthieu Estrade [mailto:apache@moresecurity.org]
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 12:48 AM
To: Somasundaram, Karthik (ISS Mountain View)
Subject: Re: apr rmm


You can look into modules/experimental/util_ldap* to see rmm code in the 
ldap cache.
It's still experimental and the ldap auth is buggy under solaris, i 
dunno what happen on windows too. What i know is it's working on linux 
and freebsd.


Somasundaram, Karthik (ISS Mountain View) wrote:

>Any of you have experience in using RMM(Relocatable Memory Module) to create link list
and hash tables and access it across processes on Windows or Solaris environments. 
>I don't see much documentation on the web.
>Let me know. 

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