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From Nick Kew <n...@webthing.com>
Subject Sharing resources between different modules
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 22:04:09 GMT

This is a subject I raised at ApacheCon in my (sparsely-attended) BOF,
and also the morning after when Aaron Bannert discussed apr_reslist in
his talk.

(1) APR[1] provides a useful though limited library of reusable code.
(2) Through apr_reslist it provides the basis for a module to reuse
    resources such as a connection pool.
(3) Individual modules can, on an ad-hoc basis, export resources for
    use by other modules.

However, what we lack is
(4) Any kind of systematic approach to or infrastructure for sharing
    resources between independent modules.


My Site Valet application uses PostgreSQL in my custom code.
The site also uses a third-party module, mod_auth_pgsql, that uses
PostgreSQL.  Mod_auth_pgsql does the work of maintaining the
connection pool, but without using APR.  So the only way I can reuse
the mod_auth_pgsql connection is by hacking straight into the code.

What I'd like to see, perhaps as a medium-term goal, is a framework
whereby modules are encouraged to export functions and resources that
could usefully be shared.  For example, if mod_auth_pgsql exported
a PgSQL connection pool, I could use it directly.  Better still,
if the APR exported a generic SQL connection pool with a PgSQL
implementation, I could build on that to make my application
portable across different SQL engines (as the Enterprise Edition is).

As a module developer, I am happy to contribute to such an effort.
My modules currently export a small number of functions and data
where appropriate - that would be more likely to benefit other
developers if it were documented at apache.org.

Maybe if we (say) formally defined a contrib namespace (like apc_**)
with published guidelines (like returning APR_STATUS_T), that could
help module developers start making reusable resources available?

BTW, on a related note, I anticipate using an apx_*** namespace to
export fuctions from mod_xmlns in the reasonably near future.

[1] or, more pedantically, apr-util

Nick Kew

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