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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: pool interface for shared memory?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 19:58:35 GMT
> From: Chris Knight [mailto:Christopher.D.Knight@nasa.gov]
> Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 9:38 PM

> Alas, I do need a full-fledged pool interface (in fact, I need it to be 
> the same pool interface so I can hand it wrapped in an apr_pool_t to 
> apr_hash_create and the like.

Sorry, this is not possible at this time.  There is only one implementation
of the pools API, and that's probably not going to change anytime soon.
In the past we've worked on pluggable memory systems, but the
performance penalty of our implementation was to high at the time.
If you are interested in that part of history, search around in the
mail archives for SMS, smart/stackable memory system.

Maybe we can experiment with allocators that have vtables (for alloc and
free) in the future.


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