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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: remaining issues prior to 1.0?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 15:23:03 GMT
At 07:28 PM 9/1/2003, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>> Brian Pane wrote:
>> Here's my attempt at summarizing all the proposals.
>> There was a lot of debate about the naming of the time
>> type--whether it was good or bad to give it a name so
>> similar to time_t, whether the type name should reflect
>> an implementation like binary microseconds, etc.  For
>> simplicity, I'll just describe the implementations as
>> I remember them, independent of the naming issues.
>My take is that what we have now is fine for 1.0.  Perfect?  No.  So be
>it.  It works.

I agree here - I don't like the downsides of any of the alternatives (who does?)
but no longer prefer binary microseconds for the following reason...
...if you take a sample several times for delta time arithmetic you will get
rounding errors.  Are these more significant than samples taken and summed
using the obvious rounding errors of 10(-6) decimal math?  Probably not, but
users will be puzzled and frustrated by these sorts of discrepancies.

>Any changes to the time code can be in the next major release.  This will
>give us enough time to appropriately discuss what should go in there.

1.0 is the major release.

>IIRC, there was also an explicit veto on any change to the time code
>because it could break source and/or binary compatibility.  Therefore, if
>that veto still stands, we have to do any changes to the time code *after*
>1.0 not before.  And, for lots of other reasons, I tend to agree to do it
>after 1.0.

I believe the veto was over changing this in the .9 development branch...
although this might be a developer's version, it is widely deployed today
and needs to be treated as a 'stable' version.

So for 1.0 itself, anything goes if we can come to concensus.

>Count me as post-1.0 for any time fixes.  -- justin

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