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From Chris Fallin <ch...@cfallin.org>
Subject Re: Problem avoiding memory leak with thread creation
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 14:53:31 GMT
Hi Matt,

Thanks - it appears that's the best solution. I have a separate thread 
now that receives requests from the connection threads to join them and 
then free their pool - problem solved.

Thanks for your help,

Matt Carter wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Hope I can be of some help. It appears to me that your leak is caused by
> where you are trying to assign responsibility for freeing the thread
> (i.e. the subpool in which you allocated the thread).
> The thread's pool must be allocated and freed outside of the lifetime
> of the thread object (This means it cannot be freed from in the thread
> itself).
> It is your responsibility to free the subpool which you pass into
> apr_thread_create() _after_ the thread has exited. The only way to be
> sure a thread has actually exited is to call apr_thread_join() from the
> main thread, which causes it to wait until the thread has exited. The
> main thread can then free the subpool used for that thread.
> (People usually call apr_thread_join() on threads before program
> shutdown to wait for all the thread to terminate cleanly, before shared
> resources are cleaned up and the program exits.)
> You need a mechanism for signalling from a connection thread to the main
> thread to tell the main thread a connection thread has finished so that
> it can clean up what it allocated (your subpool).
> This should be quite easy, since you should also have a list of all
> active threads and their corresponding pools held in your main thread so
> that you can join() them all on shutdown.
> The thread scheme in apr is very much like pthreads, for which
> documentation and examples are abundant, you may wish to search the web
> where you should find some good examples of multi-threaded servers,
> and where join comes into play..
> Regards,
> Matt
> On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 05:27, Chris Fallin wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>I'm developing a small server application using APR. As part of the 
>>design each new session spawns a thread. The application will be 
>>long-running and so must not leak memory.
>>In order to prevent leaks each thread gets its own subpool, which it 
>>frees on exit. However, I see in apr_thread_create (at 
>>threadproc/unix/thread.c:160) that a subpool is allocated from the pool 
>>passed to the function. This pool is the one that is destroyed in 
>>apr_thread_exit at line 192. Thus, the pool passed in to 
>>apr_thread_create is never freed unless done manually after 
>>apr_thread_exit destroys the child pool, which is hard because it exits 
>>the thread.
>>The fact that leads me to believe it may be a bug is that on line 151 
>>the 'pool' member is assigned to the pool that's passed in. Or maybe 
>>it's a design decision - I don't know. Nevertheless, what is the 
>>recommended way to avoid a memory leak in this situation?
>>Thanks in advance

Chris Fallin
Email: chris@cfallin.org
AIM  : ProgrammerNerd1
URL  : http://www.cfallin.org/

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