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From Justin Kirby <jus...@openaether.org>
Subject Re: apr_file_namedpipe_create()
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 06:58:09 GMT
At the very least a big flashing neon sign should be posted next to
functions that are not implemented on all platforms.


On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 02:18, Cliff Woolley wrote:
> What are people's feelings about apr_file_namedpipe_create()?  It is only
> implemented on Unix.  OS/2 and Netware have "implementations", but only in
> the sense that the function exists.  It returns APR_ENOTIMPL.  Win32
> doesn't even seem to have that much.
> Sander tells me that Win32 actually does have /some/ sort of NamedPipe
> functionality, but the API is apparently different.  I don't know how
> different exactly.
> I remember all of this being discussed on this list at some point in the
> very very distant past, but... it obviously didn't get us too far.
> Further comments?
> --Cliff
Justin Kirby <justin@openaether.org>

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