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From Maarten Bekers <i...@elexer.com>
Subject Re: [patch] sendfile on win32 slow (bug #20382)
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 18:30:36 GMT
> > - IIS - 6M/sec
> > - Apache - 0.9M/sec
> > - Apache with SendFile disabled in httpd.conf - 6M/sec
> > which striked me as odd.
> Humm... I need to find my lost MSDN CD and read up on options on
TransmitFile(). My guess is that Tf
> is using some sort of inefficient technique to seek to the file offset. We
definitely have som ework
> to do here.
The worst thing is that this is only on Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or
Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. On Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Pro, XP
Professional the speeds are reasonable. This is completely against
expectations. From reading the TransmitFile() documentation:

The server optimizes the TransmitFile function for high performance.
Workstations optimize the function for minimum memory and resource
utilization. Expect better performance results when using TransmitFile on
Windows Server.

When using a TransmitFile() call in one blocking call (which introduces the
problem described earlier), speeds are fully up to expectations, only when
calling them in parts speed goes downhill. I've written an seperate test
application that emulates apr's behaviour, i hope to do some testing as

Maarten Bekers.

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