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From cmpil...@collab.net
Subject Re: fd from apr_file_t
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 17:37:15 GMT
Cliff Woolley <jwoolley@virginia.edu> writes:

> On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 cmpilato@collab.net wrote:
> > > Sure... take a look at apr_os_file_get() which is declared in
> > > apr_portable.h
> >
> > This answer is, I'm surmising, unfortunately incomplete.  That is, on
> > Unix systems, apr_os_file_get() will do the trick, but the OS file
> > descriptor mechanism on Windows platforms is a HANDLE (as you can also
> > see in apr_portable.h), so there's a little more work to be done there.
> Oh, well, yes, that's certainly true.  He said specifically that he was
> passing a file descriptor to the Unix API, so I assumed he meant he was
> only running on Unix.  Perhaps that was not a valid assumption.

As many times as I read his post, I managed to miss the word 'Unix'
every time.  Shame on me.  Apologies.

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