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From Blair Zajac <bl...@orcaware.com>
Subject unix/thread_mutex.c 1.19 and --enable-pool-debug=yes core dump
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 21:48:50 GMT
I tracked my core dump down to the following combination.

Using apr CVS HEAD with --enable-pool-debug=yes and with thread_mutex
1.19 or greater causes the coredumps in apr/test/testall I reported in
my messages with the subject "testall core dump with apr HEAD".  Backing
thread_mutex.c down to 1.18 has no problems with -enable-pool-debug=yes.

I'm on RedHat 9 and I've used the RedHat gcc 3.2.2 and my own gcc 3.3.1
and they both have the same behavior.

I haven't received any response to my previous messages, so I'd
appreciate some advice in getting a response from the APR developers.
It seems that other messages from APR newbies that ask questions
implying that they did no homework on reading APR documentation
gets more of a response then somebody who's got a decent amount of
feedback to a core dump from an APR supplied program, which isn't
obviously then operator error.  So the question is, what's missing
in my reports to get a response.

I do like to contribute, so anything to make this easier for me
would be appreciated.

I'm hoping I've narrowed this problem down to a small enough
changeset where somebody that's familar with the locking code
can make quick progress on this bug.

BTW, I'm using --enable-pool-debug=yes with APR as part of


Blair Zajac <blair@orcaware.com>
Plots of your system's performance - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

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