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From w..@netscape.com (Wan-Teh Chang)
Subject Re: [PATCH] Default Listen with IPv6 enabled incorrect
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 01:17:12 GMT
Regarding your patch: I think it is fine to
assume that AI_PASSIVE is defined if
getaddrinfo() exists.  AI_PASSIVE is in RFC
2133, the first "Basic Socket Interface Extensions
for IPv6" RFC.

Regarding a previous patch to use AI_ADDRCONFIG:
all the getaddrinfo() implementations I know of
conform to either RFC 2133 or RFC 2553 and do
not take the AI_ADDRCONFIG flag.  (RFC 2553 has
AI_ADDRCONFIG but it is for getipnodebyname().)
It is risky to assume that when AI_ADDRCONFIG is
passed to these getaddrinfo() implementations,
getaddrinfo() will either silently ignore it or
fail with the EAI_BADFLAGS error.  It is better
to confirm that getaddrinfo() conforms to RFC
3493 before passing AI_ADDRCONFIG to it.


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