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From Ben Collins-Sussman <suss...@collab.net>
Subject setting timestamps
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 03:24:05 GMT

Hi folks,

Subversion is already using apr_stat() to read the mtime of a file.
But now we'd like to be able to *write* timestamps as well.  

(For example, a CVS checkout sets all working-copy timestamps to the
time they were last changed in the repository, and SVN should be able
to do that as well.)

AFAICT, there's no API to write timestamps.  I assume it's just a hole
that we can plug?

  * CVS can set timestamps on unix and win32, so it must be a portable
    thing.  Looking at source code, Greg Hudson says it looks like CVS
    is just calling utime(), doing POSIX-ey things.

  * Cliff points out that there's an apr_file_attrs_set() and
    apr_file_perms_set() (which svn is using for other things) but
    neither seems to handle time.

Has this conversation been had before?

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