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From "Sergey A. Lipnevich" <ser...@optimaltec.com>
Subject Build problems and a workaround
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 17:27:06 GMT
Hi All,

I'm packaging APR, APU, and apr-iconv, for our distro, SourceMage. I 
thought I'll post the fixes we have to do to APR so that we could build 
APU and Apache 2 having no APR source. First of all, the patch attached 
(build.diff) installs more files that are needed by APU (most of them) 
and apr-iconv (mkdir.sh). Then, the following triage fixes the paths 
that point an non-existent (by the time APU is built) source, and the 
problem of libtool being called from the wrong dir:

   ln /usr/share/apache2/build/libtool /usr/share/apache2/
   FIX_PATH_REGEX='s|/usr/src/apr-[^/"]*|/usr/share/apache2|' &&
   sedit $FIX_PATH_REGEX /usr/bin/apr-config  &&
   sedit $FIX_PATH_REGEX /usr/share/apache2/build/apr_rules.mk

The libtool problem is as follows: apr_rules.mk uses LIBTOOL macro that 
expands with $(top_builddir) from original libtool.m4, which is replaced 
with $(apr_builddir) by the APR installation scripts. The apr_builddir 
points at /usr/share/apache2, while libtool is installed at 
/usr/share/apache2/build. I think the libtool installation directory 
must be /usr/share/apache2 because the general assumption is that 
whereever libtool is, build macros like apr_rules.mk, are in <libtool 
  or I hope this makes sense. It may be related to bugs 14547 or 14548 
for config.status.

Another patch attached (Makefile.diff) is for apr-iconv. apr-iconv uses 
two different wayt to invoke linker in different Makefile-s, and the one 
used in lib/ subdirectory doesn't work unless libdir variable is 
initialized properly. I don't know why it doesn't propagate from the 
root Makefile.

Thank you!

SourceMage GNU/Linux.

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