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From jacob lewallen <jlewa...@cs.ucr.edu>
Subject Threads and apr_proc_create under solaris?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 21:19:14 GMT
	I'm having a problem with apr_proc_create under solaris. Whenever I 
spawn a new thread, and then try to spawn a process from that thread, 
reading from the proc gives an end of file. I've attached a small test 
program that reproduces the problem. This program works fine under 
linux, but under solaris 8.0 it'll fail (eof in apr_file_gets before 
actually getting anything) I shipped this up real quick, so forgive me 
for any errors. I'm not really sure if it's my test here or the code 
dealing with file inheritance or what. Any ideas anyone? This is driving 
me crazy. Thanks,

jacob lewallen

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