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From "Marc M. Adkins" <mma...@Doorways.org>
Subject Minor documentation updates
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 02:30:16 GMT
I've done some minor bits of documentation update:

	warning about cross-platform incompatibility in timestamps
	vs. system time (previously submitted but not in CVS at this time,
	maybe there's a pushback on it)

	documentation of apr_vformatter so it is now more readable and
	has escape sequences listed instead of just extensions
	(I had to go to the code to find the 'q' modifier)

	added links to apr_vformatter() from other functions that
	discussed it, just makes it easier to track it down from the doc

Nothing major, just figured I could do them and save someone else the
trouble.  If they're good enough someone needs to submit them for me.  If
they suck there's always a convenient bit bucket.


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