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From "MATHIHALLI,MADHUSUDAN (HP-Cupertino,ex1)" <mad...@hp.com>
Subject RE: cvs commit: apr/test testdso.c
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:56:07 GMT
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jeff Trawick [mailto:trawick@attglobal.net]

>> So, what you're proposing is that APR provide mechanisms for 
>people to write
>> platform-specific code?
>APR already does that.

Exactly. There is already platform-specific code in APR (and I think it's
impossible to have something like APR without introducing platform-specific
code)..Further, I think it's purely a matter of code-beauty vs something
else.. I don't understand why one would prefer "#if defined(__hpux) ||
defined(__hpux__) || defined (__or_something_else_)" as opposed to using
"#ifdef APR_PLATFORM_IS_HPUX" - both of them are essentially the same.


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