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From "Max Bowsher" <m...@ukf.net>
Subject Re: [Patch] Revised fallback libtool.m4 location in buildconf
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:36:11 GMT
Joe Orton wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 10:15:32PM +0100, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Joe Orton wrote:
>>> Hi Max,
>>> On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 07:09:48PM +0100, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>>> Below are the patches, one to apr and one to apr-util, revised to use
>>>> PrintPath.
>>> I think it's useful to allow finding libtool.m4 in odd places without
>>> requiring an aclocal installation - since this can be done with a very
>>> simply change I've committed it rather than your patch. Hope this works
>>> for you: just set $LIBTOOL_M4 appropriately.
>> It's a slight improvement, but not by much.
>> This means that every user of any distribution using
>> autotool wrappers will need to set an environment variable.
> Ah, does CygWin use an autoconf wrapper which tries to guess whether it
> should use 2.5x or 2.13 like Debian do/did?


>> This is like configure asking you to manually set things which it could
>> for.
>> Shall I redo my patch to incorporate use of the LIBTOOL_M4 variable, or
>> the idea of using aclocal, even only optionally, simply not acceptable
>> some reason?
> I don't care strongly either way about the aclocal patch either way, so
> I didn't commit it.  If someone else wants to commit it they don't need
> my approval. :)

OK, but it will clash with the patch you just committed.

I will wait for some feedback on the last iteration of my patch, and then if
it is favourable, rebuild it to incorporate the LIBTOOL_M4 change.


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