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From Eric Hanchrow <off...@blarg.net>
Subject cygwin: when `crypt' is not installed, configuring apr fails with `decision on anonymous shared memory allocation method... FAILED'
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 21:44:58 GMT
This is apr version 0.9.2.

I'd downloaded `subversion' (version 0.20.1, if it matters), which
includes a copy of apr.  I didn't have the `crypt' package installed,
because I didn't know that I needed it.  `configure' failed like the
Subject line says.  Once I installed the `crypt' package, everything
worked fine.

I suspect the problem is that, on Cygwin, build/apr_hints.m4
unconditionally adds `-lcrypt' to LIBS; since I didn't have that
library, its test for the presence of `mmap' and `munmap' failed at
link time, and `configure' incorrectly assumed that the reason for the
failure was the lack of those functions.  (In fact, the reason was the
lack of the `crypt' library.)
It's not clear that the `crypt' library is necessary.  If it isn't
necessary, then of course the fix is to remove the APR_ADDTO.  But if
it is, then ideally configure should die with a message to the effect
of "-lcrypt is required".

People studying literature rarely say anything that would be of the
slightest use to those producing it.
        -- Paul Graham

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