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From Jim Carlson <jcarl...@jnous.com>
Subject apr_socket_sendv() and IOV_MAX
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 22:32:24 GMT
   I recently ran into some trouble using apr_socket_sendv() on my Solaris box, 
which apparently sets IOV_MAX to the absurdly low value of 16.  APR does not 
appear to have any facilities for dealing with this.  Ideally this limitation 
could be obscured in APR, since IOV_MAX is not a portable identifier (Windows 
doesn't have it).  I'm considering writing a patch to the unix version of 
apr_socket_sendv(), which would check IOV_MAX and issue several calls to sendv() 
if necessary (while respecting the blocking, nonblocking, timeout setting in the 
same way as apr_socket_send()).
   I have to write this code anyway, but it seems to belong in APR.  Any objections?


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