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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@attglobal.net>
Subject Re: windows nagle settings
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2003 10:39:20 GMT
Allan Edwards wrote:
> Anyone know why APR_TCP_NODELAY_INHERITED is not defined in apr.hw?
> Or why ap_sock_disable_nagle is not defined for Windows (looks
> like this was omitted unintentionally).
> Windows is exhibiting predicatable performance problems
> because nagle is enabled. The following patch fixes it.
> Also, it's not part of the nagle problem but it looks to me
> like APR_O_NONBLOCK_INHERITED was inadvertently left out of
> apr.hw also.

I. socket option optimization settings in APR

I've seen a few responses but nobody is stating clearly the condition 
that allows either of these symbols to be set to 1.  Can somebody fill 
in the blanks?

On all Win32 socket layers, when you enable APR_TCP_NODELAY on a 
listening socket that setting ___________ ("WILL" or "WILL NOT") then be 
enabled automatically for associated connected sockets.

On all Win32 socket layers, when you enable APR_SO_NOBLOCK on a 
listening socket that setting _____________ ("WILL" or "WILL NOT") then 
be enabled automatically for associated connected sockets.

Neglecting to set these symbols to 1 when they could be will lead to an 
almost immeasurable performance degradation.  Setting them to 1 when 
some Windows socket layers don't work that way it will break the 

II. ap_sock_disable_nagle() in Apache

(This discussion may seem somewhat orthogal to your concern about the 
function not being compiled into the server for Win32, but I think that 
if it works as I suggest below then we would be left with the extremely 
minor performance question outlined above.)

As far as the ap_sock_disable_nagle() calls...  That doesn't seem to be 
implemented in the most clear manner.  The calls Apache makes are 
AP_MPM_DISABLE_NAGLE_ACCEPTED_SOCK.  I would think that it should work 
this way:

a) when setting up listening socket, unconditionally call 
b) when setting up a newly-connected socket, unconditionally call 

Very little extra overhead will be incurred since the APR setting of 
APR_TCP_NODELAY_INHERITED will determine whether or not a syscall is 
used when ap_sock_disable_nagle() calls 
apr_socket_option_set(APR_TCP_NODELAY) on the newly-connected socket.

There is a comment from Bill somewhere about needing to leave this to 
the MPM, but I think that until there is some MPM that doesn't want 
Nagle disabled ever, APR should get to decide what exactly to do, and we 
just make sure that Apache calls ap_sock_disable_nagle() when listening 
sockets are initialized as well as when newly-connected sockets are 

I can only guess that the various MPMs that turn on 
AP_MPM_DISABLE_NAGLE_ACCEPTED_SOCK in their corresponding mpm.h do so 
because they expect that APR_TCP_NODELAY_INHERITED is always 1 on the 
platforms where they run.  Maybe that is true but it shouldn't be their 
business to know so.

What to do about the platforms with no TCP_NODELAY?  Always call the 
function but

void ap_sock_disable_nagle(apr_socket_t *s)
#if defined(TCP_NODELAY) && !defined(MPE) && !defined(TPF)

Heck, Apache 2 doesn't even run on MPE or TPF.

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