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From Anthony Howe <ach...@snert.com>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (apr) Thu Apr 3 13:45:49 EST 2003
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 19:40:57 GMT
>     * SysV semaphore support isn't usable by Apache when started as
>       root because we don't have a way to allow the semaphore to be
>       used by the configured User and Group.  Current work-around:
>       change the initial permissions to 0666.  Needed code:  See
>       1.3's http_main.c, SysV sem flavor of accept_mutex_init().

BTW a similar fix is required for SysV shared memory. #16056 (see 
proposed patch with my comments).

>       Status: Jim will look into this
>       Update: Apache deals with this itself, though it might be nice
>               if APR could do something.

 From what I've seen Apache 2 does NOT deal with this. They rely on 
the APR unless they've changed it since I reported the issue.

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