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From Stock Upticks<fuzzy...@solarsystem.com>
Subject Initial Trading Opportunity
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT




<table height="1015" cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="403" align="center" bgColor="#800000"
border="1" valign="top">
    <td width="638" bgColor="#FFFFFF" height="839">
    <table height="208" cellSpacing="4" cellPadding="4" width="614" align="center" bgColor="#ffffff"
border="0" valign="top">
        <td width="598" height="51">
        <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 1px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 1px" align="center"><b>
        <font size="6">NEWLY TRADED STOCK ALERT</font></b></p>
        <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 1px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 1px" align="center"><u><b>
        <font size="5">SURFACE TECH, INC.</font></b></u></p>
        <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 1px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 1px" align="center"><b>
        <font color="#000080">&nbsp;PATENTED TECHNOLOGY TO RESURFACE </font></b>
        <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 1px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 1px" align="center"><b>
        <font color="#000080">ALLOY WHEELS WHILE STILL ON THE CAR</font></b></p>
        <p align="center"><b>TRADING UNDER THE STOCK SYMBOL
        <a href="http://www.pinksheets.com/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=sfci">SFCI</a></b></p>
        <p align="center">
        <a href="http://www.pinksheets.com/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=sfci">GET QUOTE</a>
        <p align="center">
        <font size="1">* Time frame of stock price is between 2/12/03 to 4/1/03</font></td>
    <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 1px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 1px; LINE-HEIGHT: 100%">&nbsp; </p>
        <p style="MARGIN: 0.85pt 0in; TEXT-ALIGN: center" align="center"><b><u>
        THE OPPORTUNITY</u></b></p>
        <p style="MARGIN: 0.85pt 0in; TEXT-ALIGN: left" align="center">&nbsp;</p>
        <p style="MARGIN: 0.85pt 0in; TEXT-ALIGN: left" align="center">Surface 
        Tech has over 100 mobile licensed technicians across the U.S. that 
        utilize its patented process to repair curb damaged alloy wheels without 
        removing them from the car. This innovative new process <b><u>“Method

        for Refurbishing an Automotive Wheel”</u></b> was granted a patent in

        February, 2002 (U.S. Patent 6,347,444). </p>
        <p>The Company has also developed a process to resurface damaged 
        automotive headlight lenses, and is anticipating high growth in the 
        newly added “Clear Film” paint and headlight protection system. This 
        proven product is applied to vehicles to protect the front fenders, 
        bumper, hood, and headlight lens covers from getting chipped, pitted or 
        scratched by road debris. </p>
        <p>Each of the 28 million cars sold each year is a potential candidate 
        for SFCI's services, either now or at trade-in or turn-back time.&nbsp; The 
        vast majority of those cars will&nbsp;have scuffed wheels, pitted headlight 
        lenses, or rock-chipped paint on the hoods, fenders and bumpers.</p>
        <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: center" align="center"><b><u>U.S. PATENT 
        <p style="MARGIN: 0.85pt 0in">Surface Tech obtained a U.S. patent that 
        will protect the economic viability of their wheel repair technology and 
        future market share.&nbsp; The strength of the issued patent, along with the 
        filed continuation patents provide solid protection from unlicensed 
        competitors.&nbsp;&nbsp; Other valuable and innovative repair processes such
        Paintless Dent Removal have suffered a decline in profitability due to 
        not having patent protection.&nbsp; As the original innovator of on-site 
        wheel repair and owner of the patent rights, SFCI will continue to see 
        increasing royalties from the multi-billion dollar a year auto 
        reconditioning industry.</p>
        <p style="MARGIN: 0.85pt 0in">&nbsp;</p>
        <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: center" align="center"><b><u>REVENUE BASE</u></b></p>
        <p>SFCI's patented technology is currently being used in over 4,000 auto dealerships,
        auctions, car rental companies, insurance companies and warranty 
        programs. SFCI&nbsp; licensed field technicians billed over $1,000,000 in 
        2001 and over $2,000,000 in 2002. With the technicians the company 
        anticipates adding, total billing is projected to be from $7 to $10 
        million in 2003. </p>
        <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: center" align="center"><b><u>ADDITIONAL REVENUE

        <p>A new product for SFCI will be an innovative new warranty program.&nbsp;

        SFCI&nbsp; will receive an immediate fee for each new warranty sold at the 
        time of vehicle purchase. The coverage will include wheel repair, 
        headlight lens resurfacing, and “Clear Film” paint protection system.
        <p>The finance department of auto dealerships have historically been the 
        source of a significant percentage of the dealer’s profit through the 
        sale of add-on products, as well as the financing of the vehicle.&nbsp; The 
        dealerships are currently experiencing a dramatic drop in that profit 
        due to low interest financing and a lack of product that consumers see a 
        value in.&nbsp; The new appearance warranty provides them with a very 
        profitable product that a high percentage of their customers recognize 
        as a means to protect the appearance and value of their 
        <p align="center">&nbsp;<b><u>THE NEED FOR EXPANSION CAPITAL</u></b></p>
        <p>To penetrate the world-wide marketplace, which consists of hundreds 
        of&nbsp; thousands of car dealerships, auto body shops, rental car agencies, 
        auto auctions and the general public the company requires capital.&nbsp; 
        These funds will secure additional techs, trucks, equipment and legal 
        protection for its network..</p>
          <p align="left">&nbsp;

  <p align="center">FILL OUT THE FORM TO LEARN MORE<br>
<form action="mailto:prosite500@yahoo.com?subject= Surface InfoRequest" method="POST" encType="text/plain">
  <table cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="400" border="0">
        <td vAlign="top">
          <table cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="1" width="400" border="0">
                <td width="*"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Name<br>
                  <input maxLength="50" size="31" name="name"></font></td>
                <td width="*" colSpan="2"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
                  <input maxLength="50" size="30" name="email"></font></td>
                <td width="*" colSpan="3"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
                Street Address<br>
                  <input maxLength="110" size="62" name="address"></font></td>
                <td width="*"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">City<br>
                  <input maxLength="50" size="30" name="city"></font></td>
                <td width="*"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">State<br>
                  <input size="12" name="state"></font></td>
                <td width="*"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Zip<br>
                  <input maxLength="50" size="10" name="zip"></font></td>
                <td width="*"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Home Phone<br>
                  <input maxLength="50" size="30" name="home_phone"></font></td>
                <td width="*" colSpan="2"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
                Work Phone<br>
                  <input maxLength="50" size="30" name="work_phone"></font></td>
                <td width="*" colSpan="3">
                  <hr SIZE="1">
                <td width="*" colSpan="3">
                <p align="center"><input type="submit" value="Submit Your Information"
          <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-top: 1; margin-bottom: 1" align="center">
          <u><b>AOL MEMBERS </b></u></p>
          <p class="MsoNormal" style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; margin-top:1; margin-bottom:1"
          <a href="">CLICK HERE</a><p class="MsoNormal"
style="TEXT-ALIGN: center" align="center">
          &nbsp;<p class="MsoNormal" style="TEXT-ALIGN: center" align="center">
          <font size="1">
          &nbsp;<a href="mailto:relaxman0678@allvantage.com?subject=SFCI DECLINE">DON'T

          CONTACT ME ANY MORE</a></font><p>&nbsp;</td>
<font face="Arial">
<img src="" width="768" height="238"></font></p>



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