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From Damir Dezeljin <program...@mbss.org>
Subject apr_proc_wait() problem - help needed ;)
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 19:37:03 GMT

I made a multithread program.

One thread execute a function which at the end use apr_fork() to create a
subprocess. Now I want (if posible) to wait on another thread for the
forked process to finish. The problem is that if I use apr_proc_wait() I
got the error that the given child process doesn't exists (this is
obvious, because I'm on another thread).

Is there any way to overide this?

If no ... is there any way to know when a child process finished and also
to kill a child process from another thread?
Is it posible to just e.g. make a apr_file_dup() on child stdout pipe and
wait with apr_poll() for an APR_HUP event on it?

Any other idea?


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