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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Finally (whew...) WAR_0_9_2_RC1
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 22:00:34 GMT
With the exception of bumping apr_version.h, the release candidate
of apr, apr-iconv and apr-util is now tagged WAR_0_9_2_RC1.

I see we have a little discussion of handle inheritance, I'd be happy
to see a final patch based on CLOEXEC that actually works ;-)
I'd be also very happy if any last platform showstoppers were mopped
up today and tommorow.

My plan is to ask the group to bless this tag, or an RC2 tagged late
tomorrow if we have reasonable changes to drop in (they should fix
very identifiable bugs of a very limited scope), and roll 0.9.2 on Friday.

I especially need OS2 and Netware testing of this tag.  I've built and
run the regressions on OS/X and Win32, extracted doxygen from both
platforms.  But since the rearrangements for doxygen were much more
extensive than I originally thought, and the headers did undergo not
so small changes

Sure, there are pipe issues on Win32 and other issues elsewhere, but
it really is time to bless an interim release and move on twords 1.0 :-)
After spending much time in doxygen, I appreciate how much more we
can do, but I was simply concerned that the overall structure of the
docs could be followed by Joe NewDeveloper, and I hope I succeeded.


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