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From "Robert E. Gruber" <gru...@research.att.com>
Subject newbie question on pool/thread interaction
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:41:29 GMT
I'm using apr and apr-util for a new project.  I cannot figure out what the rules are for
how threads, thread lifetimes, and pool create/destroy interact.

For example, can thread X create a subpool S and another thread Y destroy S?  Does thread
X have to live as long as subpool S is in use, or can it go away without destroying S?

Could someone send a brief summary of the rules?

-- Bob Gruber

In case this helps:

In my application short request threads need to create data items that stay around longer
than the threads that create them.  I want each data item to have its own subpool to make
it easy to clean up each item independently.  Thus, the destroy thread would be different
from the create thread, and the create thread goes away but I want the subpool to stay
around until explicitly destroyed.

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