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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@attglobal.net>
Subject Re: [PATCH] clean up debug patch used with Apache 2 on daedalus
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 20:40:41 GMT
Ian Holsman wrote:

> Jeff Trawick wrote:
> > *"not to share" is a bit strong...  our Apache2-based server is freely
> > available for download and the modifications made to pure Apache2+APR
> > are provided in a patch file that gets installed...  but that isn't
> > what I usually mean by sharing code :)
> >
> >
> do you have a link for your apache2-based server and the patch file ?

I trimmed down the patch file we use with Apache 2.0.44 code to just the 
APR networking changes (what I call the "daedalus patch" + socket 
IOLs)...  It is at 

Alas, the socket IOL portion of the patch is optimized for minimizing 
changes to ASF files, not for putting stuff where it really belongs. 
But I'm not too proud to show it, and it does work reliably and allows 
multiple modules to insert their tentacles :)

(The vast majority of the patch you get when you install our 
Apache-based server, beyond the patch above, is merely the backports of 
selected fixes that came out after the level of Apache the server was 
based on.  There's not a line of code in the resulting httpd that you 
can't get from an ASF tarball or the patch file.)

Our Apache2-based server can be downloaded from here, by the way:


But I always recommend starting at http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi 
unless you don't know how to compile or you want to pay for handholding :)

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