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From Ian Holsman <i...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] clean up debug patch used with Apache 2 on daedalus
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 23:38:59 GMT
+1 from me.
now all we need is a directive in httpd to turn this feature on I guess.

Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Network apps can all too often be tricked by clients into segfaulting or 
> worse.  When this occurs the first time, it can be important to know 
> what data was received and with what boundaries (i.e., how much was 
> passed up at a time to the app).
> For quite a while (>1.5 years I think) www.apache.org has run with a 
> patch to APR which saves a certain amount of data read from the client. 
>  It is then used for debugging in the case of a segfault.  Having access 
> to the actual data and in what segments it was returned to Apache helped 
> fix some bugs pretty quickly.
> I've cleaned up that patch a bit in hopes of showing how the 
> functionality could be added to APR.  In this new patch, the saving of 
> data is turned on by the app via a socket option rather than always 
> enabled as in the www.apache.org patch.
> Is anybody for/against putting something like this in APR?
> It would be nice to enable the app to change the parameters (how many 
> buffers to save, how much of each buffer to save).  I guess those could 
> be separate options in the future, with the current constants "20" and 
> "1024" simply the defaults.
> It would also be nice to allow the app to retrieve the list of saved 
> input buffers, though it is still useful even without that feature.

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