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From Allan Edwards <a...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: 0.9.2-rc1 outstanding issues and win32 debug symbols
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 00:26:30 GMT
>>I think having the .dbg symbols should be quite enough for a normal
>>httpd installation, so I think fixing the timestamp problem isn't that
>>important for 0.9.2/2.0.45. 

As I said to Bill in another note, the timestamp difference does not
seem to cause any problems for me. Using windbg to examine a user.dmp I can
point it to the pdb files & source tree, and display the stack trace and
variables with no problem.

> One point I meant to make... can we make the .dbg simplified symbols
> -p(rivate) such that they are even smaller?  With the full blown .pdb's
> available to all who are interested, I don't see that as a shortcoming.

>>If we can really do without the map files
>>once the .dbg's are available, then I see nothing wrong with killing them.


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