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From Anthony Howe <ach...@snert.com>
Subject Re: Proposed solution for bug #16056
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 20:40:57 GMT
>> http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=16056

> Anthony, I like the gist of your patch, but your ownership
> observations were correct; we can't implement this patch as
> written.  This was just addressed in recent Apache releases and
> will continue to be tightened, not loosened.


> But I like the idea so much I believe we should do the same for
> mutex objects, and eliminate unixd_set_proc_mutex_perms() and
> unixd_set_global_mutex_perms() from the mainline code.

Yes. I thought this looks a little like a kludge.

> So how can we roll these into APR?  That's a bitter question,
> since we open up either the internals of APR or we end up
> narrowing the functionality to some defined subset.

The APR is very nice when you consider what it accomplishes. I 
figured in order to handle target ownership & permissions, you either:

a) add three new parameters to apr_shm_create() for target owner 
and permissions; or

b) avoid the unix trick of deleting an open file handle/object in 
advance; then provide an apr_shm_set_owner() that sets ownership 
and permissions in a unix world and is a noop in other worlds. 
This would mean the shared memory release would be a cleanup 
handler.  (Likewise for mutexes).

The second solution is what I implemented in mod_watch/3 for 
Apache 1.3 (see Shared.[ch] and Mutex.[ch]).

> I'm working up a list of 'objects' that might need
> permissions/uid/gid redefinition, if the process expects to
> setuid later.  I'm working with that list of apr_foo_create()

My future port of mod_become would require this, since its sole 
purpose in life is setuid/gid or seteuid/gid the child process to 
that of the file-owner.

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