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From Neil Schemenauer <nas-use...@arctrix.com>
Subject Buffer write to socket?
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 00:28:22 GMT
[I hope this is the right place since I don't see a apr-users list]

What's the best way to do buffered IO on a socket using APR?
Using Apache 1.3 I would use ap_bcreate, ap_bpushfd, and then
ap_bwrite.  I see that the apr_file* interface can do buffering
but it looks like the socket interface does not.

I don't really get buckets yet.  It looks like they have
basically replaced "BUFF *" in Apache 2.  It's seems like they
are overkill for my application though since I just want to write
to a socket and don't need any filtering.

Thanks for any clues.


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