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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@attglobal.net>
Subject Re: What happened to rfc1413.h ?
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:26:06 GMT
Bob Gustafson wrote:

 > After recent cvs update -d , ./buildconf and ./configure (with args), then
 > make I get the following error
 > gawk: /usr/local/src/apache/httpd-2.1/httpd-2.0/build/make_exports.awk:138:
 > (FIL
 > ENAME=/usr/local/src/apache/httpd-2.1/httpd-2.0/include/pcreposix.h FNR=99)
 > fata
 > l: cannot open file
 > `/usr/local/src/apache/httpd-2.1/httpd-2.0/include/rfc1413.h
 > ' for reading (No such file or directory)

1) this is question for dev@httpd, not dev@apr
2) header file was removed from 2.1 development tree; you need to force exports.c
    to be removed; I notice that you didn't run make extraclean after updating...
    you really need to do that* to avoid weird build problems

*well, you could optimize it sort of like this (no guarantee of accuracy :) ):

if any .m4 or .in files changed or were removed or added,
   run "make extraclean" followed by "buildconf" et al
else if any .h files changed or were removed or added,
   run "make clean" followed by "make"
   run "make"

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