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From <...@apache.org>
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 16:05:08 GMT

Dirk, I'm sorry, but you are not paying attention, and inflaming an
already heated discussion.

You are advocating that we use tempfile() to get a filename.  At what
point in this discussion did we say we weren't going to do that?  However,
that is a _UNIX_ solution, and it isn't portable.  The discussion we are
having is if we should expose this functionality in APR.  The decision was
to expose it.

Now, what do you do on platforms without tempfile()?  You need a way to
create a unique filename in the system's temp directory.  The only
discussion here, is that one person doesn't like using environment
variables to locate the temp directory on platforms where that is the only
way to do so.  Nobody has said that it is the only way we will locate temp
directories, only that it is one possible option.

Everyone, please stop this discussion unless there is a real argument
against the API that David has proposed.  I haven't seen one yet, just a
lot of FUD and hand-waving.


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