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From "Kean Johnston" <...@sco.com>
Subject RE: PATCH: small patch for OpenServer
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 22:29:42 GMT
> SHUT_* are defined in UnixWare 7.0 albeit only if:
> #if (defined(_XOPEN_SOURCE) && _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED - 0 >= 1)
> curious if that isn't true in OpenServer too?

Nope. UW7 is much more Unix98 compliant than OSR5 is. OSR5 is
mostly, but not completely, Spec1170 compliant, which as you
will recally, was a precursor to the single UNIX spec. I looked
in the entire source tree and no mention on the SHUT_ macros
anywhere, although I will add them for 507.

But the original objection was to me defining the macro if it
didn't exist. I think that is valid, because there are likely
to be other UNIXen out there that miss them. As I said, I've
been porting UNIX software for decades and this is the first
time an application has actually tried to USE these macros.
In effect, by using them, you are saying "APR will only work
on Unix98 compliant systems". Nots nowhere NEAR as portable
as I think APR would like to be.


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