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From Damir Dezeljin <program...@nib.si>
Subject apr_sockaddr_info_get: Posible bug
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:31:12 GMT

I'm trying to bind a socket to a certain port on all my local interfaces,
so I check which function can I use to construct apr_sockaddr_t address to
which bind my socket.

>From the manual I found:
  apr_status_t apr_sockaddr_info_get (
    apr_sockaddr_t **    sa,
    const char *         hostname,
    apr_int32_t          family,
    apr_port_t           port,
    apr_int32_t          flags,
    apr_pool_t *         p
  Create apr_sockaddr_t from hostname, address family, and port

It look like that this function is used to initialize and construct
apr_sockaddr_t variable. So I use:
  apr_sockaddr_t *sa=NULL;
  apr_bind(apr_sock, sa);

But this doesn't work. After this function call sa on Linux platform
always points to NULL, on Windows it points where it was pointing prior
function call. I'm using a CVS snapshoot of the APR library.

Is this an error in the APR soucer or in the manual?

I'm now using the below code to construct apr_sockaddr_t:
  apr_socket_addr_get(&sa, APR_LOCAL, apr_sock);
  apr_sockaddr_port_set(sa, PORT);
  apr_sockaddr_ip_set(sa, APR_ANYADDR);

Is there any more 'elegant' way to do this?

I also have one question which isn't related to the above problem. I post
a mail with a problem linking my program with the APR library some days
ago. I then realized that if I build a dynamic library, my application
works fine, whiles when I try to construct a static library I can't link
my application.

Also any sugestion for this?


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