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From <...@apache.org>
Subject apr_app_initialize???
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 06:08:13 GMT

Can anybody explain what this function is for?

As near as I can tell, it converts argv from unicode to utf-8.  It can
also do the same for the environment table.  I don't understand why this
is necessary.  If we are dealing with the command line, then we expect the
user to use apr_getopt, so can't we just do the conversion in that

As for the environment table, why don't we do that in apr_initialize?  It
looks like we are requiring developers to use _our_ environment table if
it is going to be portable.  I had never realized that before, and I
_really_ dislike it.

This all came up because I found testapp.c, which doesn't test anything.
I am trying to write a valid test for apr_app_initialize, but there aren't
enough docs about what it is supposed to do.


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