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From "Ich Selbst" <ichsel...@gmx.ch>
Subject Re: apr_proc_create
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:12:30 GMT
> IIRC... if you do this, you lose stdin/out/err, which are set up
> by the cmd engine.  I believe this is the reason that flag wasn't
> used.

No. If the app uses stdin and normal out, then the flag will have
no effect (according to the docs). And if you want to start
an app invisible then you don't need stdin/out/err anyway.

I'd rather loose stdin/out/err if I want to start an app invisible
(the app won't crash, those streams are just redirected to the void).
Right now every app which is started invisible will still pop
up the console window which is very disturbing (try merge
command with subversion -> subversion then calls the diff
commands to do the job and the console is shown).

If you need the console then the app should be started with
other flags - or started not directly but with "cmd /c <appname>".

btw: what does IIRC mean?


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