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From Damir Dezeljin <program...@nib.si>
Subject RE: Memory management question
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 15:38:54 GMT

> > Is it a big waste of time?
> Nah.  What you want is a custom allocator.  Look at the bucket allocator
> in apr-util for an example on how to do this.
I checked buckets files, but don't really understand the code. Is
somewhere any axample on using buckets* ?

Any other hing how to alocate and free memory for my need (constructing a
linked list {queue})?

I'm considering to write my own functions which construct one new pool for
every ex. 10 leafs. Then make a list of 'free' leafs and a list of my
data. When on the free list there will be few leafs I plan to construct a
new pool; when there will be too many free leafs, I will destroy some
Any better idea?


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