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From Randall Stewart <rand...@stewart.chicago.il.us>
Subject Re: Patch option 1 - with apr_socket_create_protocol()
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 12:25:49 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Randall Stewart <randall@stewart.chicago.il.us> writes:
>>Dear all:
>>I attach the option 1 patch... aka add the call
>>apr_socket_create_protocol() to the  apr. This causes
>>the smallest amount of change to the apr.
> An initial patch to support protocols in general is committed.  Please
> check over and complain appropriately before I go through the rest of
> your patch.
> deferred temporarily: 
>   locating sctp headers, setting APR_HAVE_SCTP, special socket option
>   support for SCTP
> deferred until we prepare for 1.0:
>   protocol support for apr_os_sock_make (since that would break binary
>   compatibility since the structure is extended and I don't think it
>   is necessary to have temporary apr_os_sock_make_ex and temporary
>   apr_os_sock_info_ex_t)
> changed:
>   kernel continues to choose proto if app doesn't choose
>   hard-code numeric values for the several protocols
> enhanced:
>   test/server.c makes sure desired protocol is preserved from
>   listening socket to connected socket
> I've got some high priority Apache testing to do this a.m., but
> hopefully in the next day or so I can get to the parts of your patch
> which I temporarily deferred, and meanwhile you can look out for
> screwups or other problems in what I just committed.
> Thanks,

Thanks jeff.. I will find some cycles this A.M and get my tree up to
date and have a look...


Randall R. Stewart
randall@stewart.chicago.il.us 815-342-5222 (cell phone)

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