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From Randall Stewart <rand...@stewart.chicago.il.us>
Subject Patch option 1 - with apr_socket_create_protocol()
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:05:50 GMT
Dear all:

I attach the option 1 patch... aka add the call
apr_socket_create_protocol() to the  apr. This causes
the smallest amount of change to the apr.

I will follow up .. possibly tommorrow if I get the
cycles...sigh.. with option 2 .. change to
the arguments of apr_socket_create() itself to include
the protocol and then changing all the places that
apr_socket_create is called...

I would appreciate feedback on style.. I think I got
everything correct.. but it never hurts to find out :>

I found the setting for emacs so no more ugly tabs :> now
if I could teach it to add a space for me between ){ and arguments
I would be set :-0

Randall R. Stewart
randall@stewart.chicago.il.us 815-342-5222 (cell phone)

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