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From Randall Stewart <rand...@stewart.chicago.il.us>
Subject Re: add additional parm for protocol to apr_socket_create() before 1.0?
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:41:37 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Mr. Stewart needs to know in order to rework his SCTP patch
> appropriately.
> alternative: 
> apr_socket_create_ex() which is an interface that has existing
> parameters + protocol parameter

It always seems to me that breaking compatability is a bad thing :-0
even though I brought this up.. I hated the way I changed
apr_socket_create()... If we go with the
apr_socket_create_ex() method we can make
apr_socket_create() make a guess as to the right protocol
and then return apr_socket_create_ex(...,protocol,..)

The code changes are a small amount of work... so it does
not matter to me which way the group wants to go.. I just
like to see compatability maintained .. if at all possible..


Randall R. Stewart
randall@stewart.chicago.il.us 815-342-5222 (cell phone)

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