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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: apr-util-0.9.1 ldap
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 14:51:25 GMT
Černoevič Michal wrote:

> I seem unable to compile apr-util with openldap. I've set:
> --with-ldap-include=/usr/local/include \
> --with-ldap-lib=/usr/local/lib \
> --with-ldap-library=ldap
> but it had no effect. I've did it on Linux RedHat 7.3. There was stil:
> #undef  APU_HAS_LDAP
> in include apr_ldap.h.

This is (potentially) a problem with the autoconf stuff that detects the 
  LDAP libraries.

./configure creates a file called config.log which should have the 
reason why it could not find your LDAP libraries. If you post the last 
bit of the file (the stuff to do with LDAP) here, some of the configure 
gurus should be able to figure it out.

One question though. Redhat v7.3 has RPMs for the openldap libraries 
that work (or work for me) already - why are you trying to link against 
an LDAP library in /usr/local/lib?

All you need do is this:

./configure --with-ldap

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