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From Thom May <t...@planetarytramp.net>
Subject Re: Renames Pending.
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:19:53 GMT
* William A. Rowe, Jr. (wrowe@apache.org) wrote :
> Can you share your list, or your patch.  I want us to apply triple
> the usual consideration to the 'new names' before we commit to
> them for the lifespan of 1.0 :-)
> Bill

Ok, here goes (this is much more practical than the patch):

apr_file_stat              from apr_stat
apr_file_lstat             from apr_lstat

apr_filepath_name_get           from apr_filename_of_pathname
apr_gid_get                     from apr_get_groupid
apr_gid_name_get                from apr_get_groupname
apr_gid_name_get                from apr_group_name_get
apr_gid_compare                 from apr_compare_groups

apr_hostname_get                from apr_gethostname

apr_port_addr_parse             from apr_parse_addr_port

apr_socket_shutdown              from apr_shutdown
apr_socket_bind                  from apr_bind
apr_socket_listen                from apr_listen
apr_socket_accept                from apr_accept
apr_socket_connect               from apr_connect
apr_socket_send                  from apr_send
apr_socket_sendv                 from apr_sendv
apr_socket_sendto                from apr_sendto
apr_socket_recvfrom              from apr_recvfrom
apr_socket_sendfile              from apr_sendfile
apr_socket_recv                  from apr_recv
apr_socket_file_create           from apr_socket_from_file
apr_socket_filter_accept         from apr_socket_accept_filter
apr_socket_inherit_set           from apr_socket_set_inherit
apr_socket_inherit_unset         from apr_socket_unset_inherit

apr_sockaddr_fromname_set       from apr_getservbyname

apr_sockaddr_hostname_get       from apr_getnameinfo

apr_time_exp_gmt_get            from apr_implode_gmt

apr_uid_homepath_get            from apr_get_home_directory
apr_uid_get                     from apr_get_userid
apr_uid_current                 from apr_current_userid
apr_uid_compare                 from apr_compare_users
apr_uid_name_get                from apr_get_username

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