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From "Takashima, Makoto" <takas...@poem.ocn.ne.jp>
Subject Re: Problem with non-blocking write to pipe
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2002 13:15:23 GMT

On 13 Oct 2002 08:47:08 -0400, trawick@attglobal.net wrote:

> > httpd-2.0.43/srclib/apr/file_io/unix/readwrite.c:apr_file_write()
> FYI...  this discussion belongs on dev@apr.apache.org...  the
> srclib/apr tree in the httpd-2.0 directory are a copy of the APR
> project code...

Sorry, I will be careful not to send to wrong mailing list.

> note that most existing users of APR pipes don't care about atomic
> writes...

I agree.

> I wonder if it is appropriate to have a pipe setting that
> says that atomic is important...  if really important, I guess we'd
> have to sleep before retry...  otherwise maybe we should try to write
> a smaller amount to the pipe...  it would be a shame to waste our
> timeslice, which could cause the reader to have to block too once the
> other side is empty...

I do not think atomic is important for Apache because it
does not share pipe with another process (or thread).

However all unix should have same functionality so we need
solution anyway.


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