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From Scott Hess <sc...@avantgo.com>
Subject Re: El-Kabong -- HTML Parser
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:47:01 GMT
[I am not an Apache contributor, merely a lurker, but...]

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Jon Travis wrote:
> These are not coercive tactics.  These are processes which are
> beneficial to both the ASF and Covalent.  I cannot continually monitor
> the progress of this project for eternity.  I'm astonished that this
> deadline email has caused such a response.  This sets an extremely bad
> precedent for other companies (or anyone for that matter) who wants to
> contribute to the ASF.
> Personally (Covalent hat off), it's a bummer that this is your response
> to the donation.  I was the one who originally proposed it to
> management, they agreed to it, and now I've gotten involved in all kinds
> of politics and inflamatory emails.  That's a long way from being
> excited about contritributing to the ASF, and sadly seems like more
> trouble than it's worth.

As I said earlier: if all you want is to contribute the code, put a
compatible open source license on it and put it on a publicly accessable
website, somewhere.

>From following the thread, I get the feeling you don't want to contribute
it, you want someone to take ownership of it.  A couple points:

 1) Everyone here has a real-life job.
 2) Many of those jobs don't involve Apache directly.
 3) Anyone who's writing code has their own pet projects they want done.
 4) Anyone without a pet project has a choice of dozens/hundreds of
    abandoned/unmaintained projects to work on.
 5) Integration work is hard work.

If you really want the ASF to pull this project into the Apache core, your
best bet is to volunteer to integrate it and write some example code.  
After all, you're the one with the code, you're the one who wants to
contribute it to the community.

This isn't specific to the Apache group.  This is just how open source
software works.  And this basic thread happens every couple months on
every open source project I monitor.

As far as inflammatory emails, you must be reading lists that I don't have
access to, because I haven't seen it.  Given that you've essentially asked
the community to prove that it's worthy of accepting your contribution,
I'm actually surprised the responses have been so calm.


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