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From "James Cox" <ja...@imajes.info>
Subject RE: library versioning name
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 05:19:56 GMT

> They *remember* yes, but how do you choose *up front* which one to link
> against?
> With parallel versioning, I can link my "early" APR app with:
> $ ld ... -lapr-0
> But my newfangled one does:
> $ ld ... -lapr-1
> >...
> > Now, I have few binaries that I still didn't recompile that are
> using DB-3.3
> > (I just brought them over from an old system) but when I ldd them:
> Yup. But try and build those *today* and have them still link against
> DB-3.3. You need the parallel install stuff.

The problem with that is that people will more than likely be building
against apr, rather than a specific apr version, as the API has nearly
solidified, etc. (i'm assuming we're not too far away from bugfix/new
feature mode).

So this parallel install stuff is only for those who've been using APR as
it's been developing. I imagine some will port their apps to the release
release version of apr. Of course some won't too.

the point is that we still need the -lapr convention to work, to grab the
latest version. Is there any way we can do both?
eg, on a linux system:

/usr/lib/libapr-#.so... (specific version)
/usr/lib/libapr.so ... (latest)

or something similar....

 -- james

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