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From "Link, Hamilton" <hel...@sandia.gov>
Subject RE: GNU libtool bug in Darwin
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 18:20:00 GMT
I notice that you moved $verstring into the conditionally echoed chunk in
libtool.m4, but not in glibtool itself. Was this discrepancy intentional?

I'm going to try it both ways, I think this should fix the problem I've been
having making svn ("gcc: -install_name only allowed with -dynamiclib").
Thanks for the patch!


-----Original Message-----
From: Wilfredo Sánchez
To: Apache Portable Runtime Developers; Subversion Developers; Apache HTTPD
Cc: Darwin Development
Sent: 9/27/2002 4:22 PM
Subject: GNU libtool bug in Darwin

   There is a bug in the current GNU libtool in Darwin which causes it 
not to build properly when building plug-in modules (MH_BUNDLE).  The 
-install_name flag to the linker only applies to shared libraries 

   The first diff below fixes the source, the second fixes 
/usr/bin/glibtool directly.

   On a related note, httpd is not passing -module to libtool when 
building modules.  I think it should.  Is that intentional?


Index: libtool.m4
RCS file: /cvs/Darwin/src/live/glibtool/libtool/libtool.m4,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -w -u -d -r1.3 libtool.m4
--- libtool.m4  2001/11/19 07:44:06     1.3
+++ libtool.m4  2002/09/27 22:15:41
@@ -1580,7 +1580,7 @@
      # FIXME: Relying on posixy $() will cause problems for
      #        cross-compilation, but unfortunately the echo tests do
      #        yet detect zsh echo's removal of \ escapes.
-    archive_cmds='$nonopt $(test "x$module" = xyes && echo -bundle || 
echo -dynamiclib) $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib $libobjs 
$deplibs$linker_flags -install_name $rpath/$soname $verstring'
+    archive_cmds='$nonopt $(test "x$module" = xyes && echo -bundle || 
echo -dynamiclib -install_name $rpath/$soname $verstring) 
$allow_undefined_flag -o $lib $libobjs $deplibs$linker_flags'
      # We need to add '_' to the symbols in $export_symbols first
      #archive_expsym_cmds="$archive_cmds"' && strip -s $export_symbols'

[joliet-jake:~] wsanchez% diff -u /usr/bin/glibtool glibtool
--- /usr/bin/glibtool   Sun Jul 14 04:21:08 2002
+++ glibtool    Fri Sep 27 15:18:57 2002
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@

  # Commands used to build and install a shared archive.
-archive_cmds="\$nonopt \$(test \\\"x\$module\\\" = xyes && echo 
-bundle || echo -dynamiclib) \$allow_undefined_flag -o \$lib \$libobjs 
\$deplibs\$linker_flags -install_name \$rpath/\$soname \$verstring"
+archive_cmds="\$nonopt \$(test \\\"x\$module\\\" = xyes && echo 
-bundle || echo -dynamiclib -install_name \$rpath/\$soname) 
\$allow_undefined_flag -o \$lib \$libobjs \$deplibs\$linker_flags 

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